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Trafikselskabet Movia

If you are going to travel by bus in southern Zealand, Møn, Lolland or Falster, there are several different types of ticket to choose between as well as special tickets for trips to Germany. You can read about the various tickets and travel cards on www.moviatrafik.dk. Read about pensioner and student travel cards aswell.

Ordinary tickets

Ordinary tickets are those you can buy on the bus or at railway stations. The tickets are stamped with the date and time to show how long they are valid. You can change buses or trains as much as you like within the zones and time period the ticket is valid. An ordinary ticket allows you to take two children under the age of 12 free.

Ordinary tickets for children under the age of 16 cost half price. A child with a ticket can take another child under the age 12 free.

Supplementary tickets

If you have a valid ticket, but want to travel in more zones than your ticket allows, you can buy a supplementary

ticket. Every one-zone supplement extends the valid area by one zone-ring.

Mobile tickets

You can buy mobile tickets over the Internet at 1415.dk/moviasyd. You can buy ordinary tickets, bicycle tickets and special campaign tickets.

Mobile tickets cost the same and have the same validity as ordinary tickets.

The ticket’s validity starts when you receive it on your mobile phone and runs out at the time stated on the ticket.

You can also download the Application Mobilbilletter in Itunes or Android market.

Travel card

A travel card is a chip card that can be used on buses, trains and metro.

Its use is gradually spreading to the whole country and replacing other cards and tickets. You check in when your journey begins and you must remember to check out at the end of your journey. The cost of your journey is drawn

on the travel card. You can buy the card at rejsekort.dk and in most kiosks and stations.

Find out more at rejsekort.dk

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